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About GameTokens and how it works.

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13th June 2018 at 10:11 pm


What is GameTokens?

GameTokens is a penny auction website, dedicated to games. It was built by gamers for gamers. It’s a community driven store, so the more users bidding, the better the prizes we can add. It also means that we are built around our community, we arrange game nights, competitions and charity events. Everyone can have their say on what games we offer and everything in between!

How does it work?

Each game that is added to the store has a minimum bid before the game can be won. This helps us cover costs. The cheaper we can get the games, the lower the minimum bid.

To bid you need tokens. You can trade tokens for bids on any games you want. With each bid the price of the game is increased by 1 penny and the timer increases by 30 seconds. To win the auction you have to be the last person to bid when the timer runs out and the minimum bids is met. If you win you buy the game at it’s final price.

If the minimum bids is not met before the timer runs out, the auction is extended until the minimum bids is met and the auction has a winner.

Are the low prices a con, there must be a catch?

We want to offer our fellow gamers the lowest prices possible. Being completely honest and transparent is 100% important to us, were not a huge corporation, just a small team of gamers with a passion for one thing: gaming.

We recover the costs of the games by setting a minimum bid on each item. The more expensive the game, the higher the minimum bids that are required to unlock it.

Although we are always on the look out for the cheapest games, we only source them from trust worthy retailers.
If you win the auction, once you have paid for the game you can instantly access the product key from your purchases page in the dashboard.

Why don’t we offer refunds?

As we sell product keys and not a physical item, we can’t offer refunds for security reasons. We can’t verify that the game hasn’t been redeemed by you and therefore wouldn’t be able to resell it to another gamer.

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